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By TOP 1000 REVIEWER on December 8, 2014

The kind of well-written and compelling memoir that simultaneously inspires you and leaves you feeling the emotionally triumphant message of a life turned around. This author has a way of writing that draws you in and evokes emotion with every page, while instilling the idea of growing up, changing and succeeding even with a very downtrodden start in life. This is a memoir that doesn’t pull its punches or tiptoe around; it is honest, forthright and filled with angst, hope, pain and happiness in equal turns. This was an utterly compelling book that really gives readers an emotionally gripping look into the life of the protagonist from his start in a crippled and broken family to a successful American businessman and family man. Overall, this was well worth the read and I would definitely recommend it for those who are looking for inspiration, emotional drama and brutal reality all rolled into one.


An Absolute Triumph!
By S. Matthon December 9, 2014

I was impressed by this book, and not only because it’s a literary masterpiece – it’s written with passion and the writing flows beautifully!

I was quite impressed with this author, and as I read this gripping memoir, I was with him through every inch of the way – through his difficult childhood in Europe, his efforts to make the best of a bad family situation, his constant fight against racism, his desire to be the best he can be, to compete and to strive for excellence.

I found this book highly inspirational because I often complain about my circumstances, about my background not allowing me to reach for the top honors in my profession. But as I read this man’s book, I realized that if he could do it, so could I!

Our fate is not dictated by our circumstances, but on what we make of them, how we rise above them – that’s the most important lesson I learned from this book.


Pure inspiration
By K.Pinson on December 6, 2014

Pure inspiration… This is the true story of XXXXXXX’s long, difficult journey to success. The story begins by giving you insight into the lives of XXXXX’s parents. Originally from the African Mountains region of Cameroon, they immigrated to France in search of a better life. XXXXX grew up in a difficult environment, facing abuse at home and racism in society. Determined to make the most of his situation, he gives it his all in sports and school and even becomes one of the founding members of the black music culture in France. His drive eventually takes him to the United States, where he works his way to success in the corporate world. This unique story is so varied and non-linear that I was continually surprised while reading. He moves from situation to situation, with the variables always changing. But the one thing that is constant is his determination. I think it’s almost impossible to finish this book without feeling energized and empowered to follow your dreams.


Very Entertaining and Inspiring
By TOP 1000 REVIEWER on December 11, 2014

This book has a lot of heart and strength to it that certainly could be felt from start to finish. The author, XXXXX, has a talent for capturing your attention with grit, angst, hope, inspiration, desperation and an utterly willingness to have a better life. As a memoir it captivates and excites the reader, making for a read that lifts you up, but also grounds you as well. The writing is smooth, hard-hitting, fast-paced and packed full of emotion. This turned out to be a great find!


Had my heart pounding!
January 2015

“I couldn’t read it fast enough, as I soaked-in the amazing story! It’ll take your breath away and leave you wanting MORE!“


Kay Bryson
By Topper

A Lifetime of Forever and Always

This is a wonderful and thought-provoking book by Mary Davis that I think everyone will really enjoy! It is a story of intense loving and intense loss. Ever mindful of small details that we as married couples take for granted, this story gets you involved in a thought process relating to our very own lives and our plans for the future together. Sometimes, when that future is shaken and our lives take a different turn than we anticipated, we are forced to make decisions that we totally didn’t expect to face as is with Claire Mitchell in this compelling story of the reality of facing life living by the “ONES”!

The daunting reality of such a life changing event, and the twists and turns and the challenges she is confronted with, as time goes on, makes this journey a very, very interesting read with an unbelievable ending!!


I was able to relive his experiences and I was quite happy when his hard work paid off for him in …
By Vonnie R. on December 11, 2014

This is literally the most compelling novel I’ve read this year! It’s not your typical “rag to riches” story. XXXXX’s experiences give the underlining “rag to riches” theme a unique twist. The author is able to vividly paint a picture inside his reader’s heads. He excels at explaining his experiences of growing up with an abusive father, having intense racial experiences in the heart of France, living on the streets, and being apart of a gang. As I quickly read through the pages I felt as though, I was able to relive his experiences and I was quite happy when his hard work paid off for him in America. Overall, I highly recommend this novel. It’s purely an emotional rollercoaster that everybody can enjoy.


Very Inspirational Story!

“You Have Cancer.” How I Beat a Brain Tumor the Natural Way. No Chemo –
No Radio Therapy
is truly inspiring and makes you stop and think about life and what  you would do if you found yourself in this situation.

There was so much great information in the book and I was touched by the remarkable  resilience and courage of this young lady. Would definitely recommend  this book to others.


Touching, Emotional and Informative – A must read for all people whose life has been touched by cancer
By Cloeychick on June 14, 2014

“You Have Cancer”. How I Beat a Brain Tumor the Natural Way. No Chemo – No Radio Therapy: I loved this book. This book answered many questions for me about the nature and causes of this awful disease and how traditional treatment is not the only answer. It is a touching and informative story of one persons personal experience with cancer and how she defied the odds. It is written with humour and emotion. It is obvious the author has done her research regarding dietary and lifestyle changes as an alternative to traditional cancer treatments, and is eager to share her knowledge to help the many cancer sufferers who are looking for a way to gain some control of their illness. It is personal and emotional – giving an insight to the emotions felt upon finding out you have been diagnosed with cancer and given a short time to live. Her brave decision to give herself the very best chance of being a mother to her children was not only emotional and inspiring but leaves the reader with a positive and hopeful outlook and a lot of helpful advice to improve the outcome of cancer treatment. This book gives vital information to help people diagnosed with cancer to enable them to approach their treatment with an informed mind. If you or someone you love are faced with cancer you owe it to yourself and them to read this book.


Moving and thought provoking!
By Chloe H, TOP 1000 REVIEWER

So many of our lives have been touched by cancer, either from a personal diagnosis or that of a loved one. What starts out as the touching and haunting story of one woman’s fateful revelation that she has the disease that ends so many lives becomes a thought-provoking tale challenging all that we know about modern medicine.

The way doctors approach cancer is very “shock and awe” – we attack our cells with full force and healthy ones meet the same fate as cancerous ones. O’Brien has taken the approach many have in choosing to build her body up instead of tearing it down, and amazingly, it worked. Read her inspiring story and see that it’s possible to overcome anything.


A very Honest Touching Story about a young Mum, who never gave up hope and followed her own natural instinct.
By Grant McKellar on June 30, 2014

This book is an honest account of how this courageous young woman tackled the confronting diagnosis of a brain tumor, in her own way, by making tough decisions to go against mainstream medicine.

Her story is quite remarkable and extremely inspirational and it goes to show with a positive mindset, then anything is possible.

It is well written with a positive outcome, an inspiring read.


5 stars! A must read for peoples lives that have been affected by cancer.
By Wendy O. on September 3, 2014

What a wonderful story. I highy recommend this book as I know first hand the importance of the right positive mental attitude for fighting disease. It is amazing what  can be achieved when you have the right mind set and the absolute will to live. Kelli is an inspiration and her journey is simply remarkable. A must read.


Mind Blowing, August 12, 2014
By Craig Schreiber on August 12, 2014

This is an inspirational story and has so much information about cancer and alternative ways to approach it. It was full of good ideas that anyone can incorporate into their lifestyleto improve their own health. I am definitely going to use some of the great recipes that are in the book as well.

A must read book!


What a sweet story! The perfect beach or vacation read!
By Book Lover (North Carolina)

A Lifetime of Forever and Always.

Having read Mary E. Davis’ first book, The Entrepreneurial Mom: Managing for Success in Your Home and Your Business, I was surprised to learn that she had written a work of fiction.

I really enjoyed reading Claire’s story, learning about her relationship with her husband, her children, and then what happened after her world was turned upside down. I could easily see this story being made into a movie, and could already tell you the actors I would cast for the parts!

A Lifetime of Forever and Always would be the perfect book to take with you to the beach or on vacation. It is well written, moves quickly, and is definitely a book that you will not want to put down.


By Working Mom (Tennessee)

A Lifetime of Forever and Always

Mary E Davis is a very talented author and this book shows it! Was intrigued by the story line and it kept my interest throughout. You will not be disappointed!


By Selene B.

A Lifetime of Forever and Always

I am not one of those people who writes reviews; in fact, I’ve NEVER written a review for ANYTHING. I am an avid reader; this book was so great it inspired me to write my first review in hopes that other avid readers will read it!

I HIGHLY recommended this book!! This was the first book I’ve read by Mary E. Davis, she wrote such an amazing story that will touch the heart of anyone that reads it.  I am also one of those people who have my favorite authors and I rarely read from anyone new, but I can say I would read any new books this author puts out.


An emotional feel good book!
By A.L.

A Lifetime of Forever and Always:

The writer did a great job of keeping you waiting for the climax, without boring you up to that point. I loved the build up. It was a great heartfelt romance with Claire’s past and present relationship. If you like goose-bumps, you will love this book. Thanks to the author for not spelling out every detail of the climax, and just letting the reader see it all come together in the end. I felt satisfied, but at the same time, I wanted more. It would make a great LIFETIME movie!


Nice story of starting over!
By Linda

A Lifetime of Forever and Always

A good story of loss and starting over. I felt as though I was reading a Hallmark movie.  Claire is faced with some hard decisions after the loss of her husband, way before his time. She proves how strong the human spirit is. And who wouldn’t want a strong, handy, handsome and kind mountain man to help to come to terms with your new life.


What Would You Do For Success?
By Keesha M. Mayes

My show with author and entrepreneur Mary E. Davis was great! Mary has over 15 years experience being self-employed, and she brought incredible wisdom to the show for moms, and women in general, on how to balance the sometimes competing responsibilites of running a business and running a household. It was clear that Mary was fired up with passion on giving women business owners information that will help them plan, operate and succeed at business from a realistic point of view.

Every show, my guest speak with me about the challenges they walked through in order to realize their dreams. Mary’s challenges were particular interesting to me, because they spoke of her persistence and belief in herself. Mary shared with us that when she first began her business in the flooring industry, she was pregnant. One particular order that she needed to complete required moving very heavy flooring. She had no one that could help her move the order, so you know what this woman did? She hoped her pregnant belly on a fork lift or and hauled that order to where it needed to be, herself! That says a lot about her ethics, determination and belief in herself.

For the women business owners out there, Mary’s words of wisdom were clear and simple:
DON’T GIVE UP, and MAKE IT HAPPEN! Good planning, an accountability team and sheer guts can take you all the way to success!


A sure-fire book!
By Reader Views
Format: Paperback

Reviewed by Lori Plach for Reader Views

Do you feel the need to expand your horizons? Do you desire to be more than “just a stay-at-home mom?” Do you want to combine the best profession of being a mother with being your own boss and earning an income? Do you want the flexibility of earning an income yet being available for your children? If you answered yes to any of these questions, perhaps you have just the right qualities for being an entrepreneurial mom.

Mary E. Davis has developed a book to help you every step of the way to becoming an entrepreneur using her own personal experience of owning her flooring business for 15 years. She gives you insights you wouldn’t get if it weren’t for the voice of experience. Oftentimes she adds humor to her display of experience in starting a business from an idea to a success.

“The Entrepreneurial Mom” gives you an opportunity to explore just how you can combine being your own boss with being the quality mother that your family needs. One particular chapter that I found to be very useful is not just for entrepreneurial moms, but for all moms, no matter if they are stay-at-home or working moms. It is entitled “101 Time Savers, Stress Reducers, and Inspirations for Moms.”

“The Entrepreneurial Mom” is a sure-fire book for mothers who have the dream of opening their own business, either now or somewhere down the road!



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