Mary E. Davis

Author & Professional Ghost Writer


Mary Davis is a published author and full time professional ghost writer. Having written countless books for clients all around the world, Mary has also published under her own name in several genres.

Mary’s recent fiction title,  A LIFETIME OF FOREVER AND ALWAYS, is sure to become a favorite to many avid readers! This story is the perfect ‘summer read’ with it’s relatable characters and timeless story of unending love! This story’s heroine, Claire, is in for a shock when she finds that her departed husband is closer than she first thought!

The Entrepreneurial Mom

Mary’s non-fiction book, THE ENTREPRENEURIAL MOM: MANAGING FOR SUCCESS IN YOUR HOME AND YOUR BUSINESS, was published in 2007 by Cumberland House. This book chronicles Mary’s own journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur and business owner. It is packed with personal stories and solid business advice for women who desire to ‘have the best of both worlds,’ while they simultaneously own a business and raise a family today.

Clients all around the world have also published books and become authors thanks to Mary’s ghostwriting services.


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