Mary E. Davis

Author & Professional Ghost Writer

Introducing…… DANIEL, the hunky husband of Claire Mitchell

My Pictures Simply put: Daniel Mitchell is Claire’s whole WORLD. He and Claire have been married for over twenty years. They’ve raised two children together and sent them both off to college. The college sweethearts are ready to begin their new life together as ’empty nesters,’ excited to have time for each other again.

The way they met was purely happenstance and couldn’t have been more out of the ordinary, if you know anything about the intense rivalry between Florida’s major universities. Daniel was a student at Florida State University in Tallassee when he went to visit some high school buddies at The University of Florida, the Number One rival of FSU. Only Claire, the striking auburn-haired beauty, could make him eventually leave FSU, move to Gainesville and become a Florida Gator just  to be closer to her.

“You’ll be back!” his friends laughingly predicted, “We’ve got plenty of girls here too!”  But Daniel knew he’d never met anyone like Claire and all he wanted in the world was to be with her.

Daniel was so smitten with the gorgeous Claire, that he was completely oblivious to all the other pretty college girls who wanted more than anything to ‘be his Claire.’ Daniel was tall, tanned and muscular with thick dark hair, a chiseled jawline and gleaming white smile. But even his drop-dead good looks paled in comparison to his personality and gentlemanly demeanor. Claire felt like the luckiest girl in the world when she walked into parties on the arm of this god who never lef her side!

They each complimented the other in so many ways. They had shared interests, common goals and similar values. Everything was ‘easy and comfortable’ for the couple. Daniel and Claire soon became the ‘IT’ couple on campus and their friends knew they’d marry and be together forever.

Two decades later, after working hard to build a life together, Daniel and Claire eagerly looked toward the future and spending their twilight years together. Every night, as they cuddled in bed, the last thing Claire said was, “I love you.” “Forever!” Daniel replied, kissing her goodnight and pulling her closer.

So, HOW could their perfect fairytale abruptly end?

HOW could Claire deal with the heartache of losing her ‘forever?’

Find out in A LIFETIME OF FOREVER AND ALWAYS, available in paperback and on Kindle for a limited time!


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