Mary E. Davis

Author & Professional Ghost Writer

Meet “Claire,” the protagonist in A LIFETIME OF FOREVER AND ALWAYS

Claire is in her late forties now but is still an auburn-haired beauty. She’s been married to her college sweetheart, Daniel, for over two decades and has always been head-over-heels in love with her handsome, devoted husband. While Claire and Daniel both have successful careers and individual identities, they both agree that they’re happiest in each other’s company.

While she was a student at The University of Florida, Claire met Daniel and was instantly smitten with the tall, tanned, good-looking guy with the traffic-stopping grin. From the moment she ran into Daniel, Claire never looked back.

She and Daniel perfectly complimented each other in every way imaginable. Her degree in Interior Design and Daniel’s degree in Architecture often had them crossing paths in their professional lives too. Every facet of their lives, personal and professional, worked easily and comfortably.

Claire and Daniel loved each other, loved the life they’d built together and loved the fact that they’d be spending their life together ‘forever.’  But, Daniel’s illness would creep into their life and change their future, stealing away the only love Claire had ever known. Their ‘forever’ would be cruelly stolen away…….  Or, would it?

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