Mary E. Davis

Author & Professional Ghost Writer


open bookHave you heard any of the following statements?

“You should write a book!”

“The world’s got to know your story!”

“Your inspirational story would help so many!”

“Tell your story and leave a legacy!”

If you’ve heard any of those statements more than once, then you’ve got a story to tell!

If your book deserves the best, then select a traditionally published author, full-time professional ghostwriter, successful entrepreneur and Florida business owner with over two decades of professional writing and publishing experience.

Stories of life experiences, memoirs and unique and dramatic biographical works are the genres of books I prefer to write for several reasons: everyone’s stories can help others in some way, and committing them to print will forever claim their place in history for my clients.

With clients all around the globe, I’ve done the stories of some amazing and dynamic people! A few unique books have included the life stories of several ‘rags to riches’ entrepreneurs; dysfunctional families with secretive pasts; a man who was wrongly imprisoned in a foreign prison; a Muslim woman who fought for freedom; a man who led a double life, but was only discovered after his death; a girl who was kidnapped and imprisoned by the Khmer Rouge; the triumphant battle of an Australian brain cancer survivor; a prim & proper British woman who is a UK madam; a naïve girl who first moved to Vegas and became a call girl and then a successful businesswoman; a man who left the Cameroonian mountains to build a highly successful life in the US; a woman who traveled the world in search of what her life was missing, only to return home and find all her answers; the exciting exploits of a tough-talking international bounty hunter and SO many more!

If you’re ready to tell your story, I’ll utilize it as the book’s framework, coupled with interviews and my own additional research and ghost writing to finalize a dynamic book that will finally make you an author!